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Here at Aprire we allow customer the chance to have a fully bespoke bicycle like no other. We feel that we are the first company to offer a fully custom carbon fibre bicycle.

We often have customer ask us. “What makes a bespoke Aprire different from any other custom bicycle?”. At Aprire we not only make a bicycle to fit the customer anatomically, we tailor the carbon layup to suit the type of cyclist that he or she may be.








How do we do it

We use a vast array of computer software backed up by hand calculations to design and test the carbon fibre layup for each bespoke Aprire. We carry out hand calculations to ensure that the data we receive from the computer software is 100% correct. Meaning that your bespoke Aprire is one of the most advanced bespoke bicycles available today.

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Firstly we arrange for a bike fit to take place at our head office in Cheam, Surrey. If a bike fit has been carried out recently then this can be skipped as we can use the existing measurements. Once we have carried out the bike fit or received the measurements, we are then able to start looking into the power data and riding style of the customer. This allows us to carry out a series of hand calculations, backed up by computer calculations using finite element analysis (FEA) to design a specific carbon fibre layup to suit the customer perfectly.






Once we have finished the design and layup for the bicycle we can set about the manufacture. During the manufacturing process we invite each customer down to the factory to experience their bike frame being assembled. We here at Aprire want to ensure that the customer has a unique connection with their bike and what better way than to witness the construction of the frame.



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We want to make sure that every bespoke Aprire is unmistakably designed and manufactured uniquely to every customer. Nothing says unique more than a custom paint scheme. Every bespoke Aprire customer has the opportunity to sit down with our design engineer and design a paint scheme that is like no other. With any of our paint schemes we offer a choice over 8000 colours ranging from solid to metalic and also a choice of matte, satin, and gloss finishes, allowing the customer to really make this bike their own.


Domestique artwork (2)





With the paint scheme designed and colours picked the frame set then makes its way over to our skilled in house painter. All of our paint works are carried out in house using only the best equipment ensuring that our work is second to none. All of our designs are hand painted, including the decals and once complete go through a three phase quality control check to ensure that the finished product is absolutely perfect.